Full Bodied POV

Alright, first off, hello.

We want to have a full bodied character in the same manner Mirror’s Edge functions. IE: You look down and can see your feet. What was the method they did to create this effect?

Did They:

  1. Create the full model and then just attach a camera to its head?
  2. Create the bits you can see, and then just render a fake mirror reflection?

Our character will be passing by many reflective surfaces, and I want full body renders including the head. What is the best practice approach, and what is the easiest approach?

the method you are looking for is True First Person, As you named yeah they modelled the full character and attached the camera to its head bone

Ah, so the head was rendered! Thanks for the method name, now I have something to work off. So in this instance I want to model the entire character, and then just attach the camera via a blueprint (I am a blueprint kinda person).

Just having the name helped out tremendously. I found it with one search:

You may/may not have to hide the head mesh, depending on how you set everything up. Best option is to make the head a separate mesh to the rest of the body, then hide it from the owner. This way it can still show up in mirrors and create shadows, but will never obscure the players view.

i think the correct term for this is called full body awareness isnt it? (atleast thats what the arma series calls it).

I just replied, but it didn’t seem to take, so will apologize for a double post ahead of time.

@Kris - I’ve seen your name around here and there. I will try both methods. I am booting up Maya right now to produce a mesh. Thanks for dropping in.
@ActivistMonkey - ARMA was a nightmare. I remember the first one had a memory leak, I had to write a little program to clean up after it or it would blue screen the computer.

@ActivistMonkey - Body awareness is an older term used to describe the same viewpoint.
I personally went with true first person when dslyecxi used it on his Tactical Gaming Done Right page.
Eventually made a more up to date page on describing it - True First Person Viewpoint - followed by a demo.
The term true first person caught on more since then.

Personally, I used to use single viewpoint, in that the first and third person view were the same.
Seems like a silly reason now :slight_smile:

@The Britain - I get around :stuck_out_tongue:
The example image on that page is from a quick test project using the public build of UE4 (was switching from beta). It uses a single mesh, relying on the position of the camera and the nearclip plane to hide the head.