Frustrating Issues with Unreal Engine | Help Appreciated

I am a novice to Game dev and have tried off and on to learn both Unity and Unreal engine and have taken a more serious swing at it again. I am having an issue with Unreal engine where when i click the play button, it launches dozens and dozens up to 80 instances or windows and i have to essentially end task or close the editor usually. Unreal doesn’t seem to have as much content online to help me with this so hopefully i can ask questions here and make some videos for others to learn from my issues as i continue to learn. It may be some simple fix that i am overlooking but i would appreciate any help on this issue.

PS: As a side note, does anyone have any tips on how i can improve shader compilation? I have a 9700k and a 2080ti with m.2 NVME drives and it takes up to 10+ minutes to compile one material on my first piece of landscape i created. In Unity, I can constantly change materials to see what one i like and to test different materials as of course I don’t know what looks good yet and i need to experiment with different materials etc, it seems Unreal engine makes that very difficult constantly waiting to compile each time. Am i missing something? I prefer many things to Unreal, and have a few things that Unity does that I wish unreal did. I’d prefer to work with Unreal as the visuals and quality are superior in my opinion, as well as the tools for landscapes and additional assets on the store.

Appreciate any help you can give a novice like me looking to create some awesome stuff.

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You likely have set the number of players under the Play button dropdown at the bottom, “Multiplayer Options”, “Number of Players”.

As for shader compilation I can’t say that I’m experiencing 10 minute compilation times for a single shader but it really depends on complexity. I’d recommend building logical pieces of your materials as material functions and exposing values you need to change often by exposing them as material parameters. Then instead of placing the material on the landscape place a material instance. Modifying the material parameters through the material instance requires no compilation so if you have your parameters setup correctly tweaking textures or blending amounts should be almost instant - maybe takes 1 second in reality.