From unity w/ c# not sure on UE4 C++

I am from unity and C#, I want to check out UE4 due to the graphical fidelity and the fact that it can go a lot further than unity. The only downside is that I don’t know C++ and have never used it in my life. Any suggestions on what I should do to learn it etc? Do you guys think blueprints or something like that would be a good idea? Do you know any resources to start learning C++ ?



C++ in unreal is pretty awesome

your first step should be preparing the environment for your work
if you use windows visual studio community edition works like a charm
you will notice lack of a good intellensense (code completion) there is a solution for that, download a plugin for visual studio called visual assist
it costs some money but they have a free trial :smiley:

after that

I recommend these two articles

you might need to get some knowledge in c++ first

you might also find unreal code base very hard to learn even if you want to make a simple thing, it’s better if you learn blueprints first and then you can right click on almost any node and click on go to code definition and learn how that thing was created

Good Luck!

Thank you for your response and the link to resources. Do you know any resources for blueprints?

Blueprint tutorials are everywhere
best place is the official tutorials on Unreal’s YouTube channel

oh okay, thank you! :smiley:

You do not need to know C++ to use UE4, and create almost anything you can imagine. And those things you can’t do with Blueprints, there are plenty of people here who can give you a hand with C++ (whether for free or paid).

These are the videos I found interesting for C and C++ from Stanford but there are many others:

Programming Abstractions (CS106B) Lecture Collection | Programming Abstractions - YouTube

Programming Paradigms (CS107) Lecture Collection | Programming Paradigms - YouTube

Still trying to get my head around it all but thank you, I will check those out! :smiley: