From UE4 to UE5. Converting vehicles to UE5

I create vehicles, some for the marketplace, where you (as publisher) have to publish products that support the last engine version (5).…Nothing critical, except that you are NOT able just convert projects…
After converting you have to change vehicle class and edit them…audio dont work, sound cue parameters dont work - you are able to check this in the template project - Vehicle, they added the sound cue there, BUT IT DOESNT WORK. WHY?
I saw they release the “City Sample Vehicles” where you can see how they make the vehicles and test them. From the description "…13 driveable vehicles with textures, materials, and audio." - the product doesnt include any audio assets, they are missing there. WHY?

In conclusion:

  1. For moving vehicles from UE4 to UE5 you have to make them from scratch (almost)
  2. For publishing projects (UE5 vehicles) you have to prove Marketplace QA team that the problem is in the UE5, not in the you asset (which is perfectly work in UE4)…Based on my experience its impossible.
  3. Why they release the non-finished product??
  • slow UI
  • higher requirements compared to UE4
  • slower in general (fps 2x lower compared to UE4)
  • etc

  1. PC 2xXeons, 64Ram, GTX 1080
  2. Laptop i7, 32Ram, RTX2060


Really sad this situation. I’m also updating a product called “Advanced Car System”. This was one of my first products on the Marketplace. Unfortunately, I managed to get almost everything working, just missing the wheel skid audio.

I have other products that rely on plugins like “Apex Destruction” and “PhysX”. However, both were disabled by default. It’s just going to take a little extra work to “jump” into the Chaos system.

Regarding the marketplace team, you are right. I had problems with that once. A feature of the Engine itself did not work correctly on a customer’s computer and automatically blamed my product. In short, I had to create my own system to not have more problems.

I believe they will fix these bugs in the next update. We’ll just have to wait and see when that happens.

Sincerely, HighRender.