Friends Help With Coding

Hi I’m new to the forums.

A friend of mine wants to start using UE4 for a project he has planned (a small game, mobile I think) but only has coding experience in PHP (nothing at all like game code I assume) but doesn’t know where to start. I have read that Unreal Engine uses its own unique code called Unreal Script and that it’s apparently similar to Python code (which is a modern and less difficult language, to my understanding). Would it be best for him to learn Python before using Unreal Script? Or is Unreal Script (for UE4) easier enough for a PHP coder to grasp it (at least in a basic sense)?

I am doing the art for his project and do not have a clue regarding coding at any level.

UE4 doesn’t use UnrealScript anymore. UE4 uses C++ for written code, and now has Blueprint, which is a visual scripting language. Checkout UnrealEngine’s blueprint tutorials on YouTube to get an idea.

Oh, I see. Looks like the project is off then lol, as C++ is not something you can learn at home.

Sure, but you can learn blueprint really easy.

As Cobryis already mentioned, blueprints are very easy to learn and use. You can nearly do everything with them + it is possible to create an entire game without C++.
In my opinion it’s also not so hard to learn C++ when you know the basics. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, but you can’t really do much with blueprints can you?

You can do nearly everything with them.

… you can find many threads about that topic :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll have a look!