Frequent Win64 PhysX crash without WTR

Hi guys,

We are trying to release our latest version of VRobot on Steam but are plagued by some serious PhysX crashes. The problem is that those crahses aren’t always reproduciable and/or deterministic making it a hard time for us to even experiment with various PhysX settings in order to mitigate the occurence of those crashes.

The callstack of the crash is attached and it happens always inside this function. Upon observing the values passed on to this function you can clearly see that the pointed-to pointer in the argument is not initialized (see another attached screenshot). Looking for help in the world wide web we encountered another project “ARK: Survival Evolved” with exactly the same problems as described here and without any solutions. Fatal Crash to desktop :: ARK: Survival Evolved General Discussions

Please find screenshots attached. Thank you :slight_smile: