Freezing World Aligned Material/Fake Thickness


Got two questions.

  1. I have a door that has a material that uses world aligned textures. But when the door is opened, obviously, the texture slides on the door. So I want to freeze the initial placement of the texture there. I thought of using a scalar boolean’ish parameter that uses if and passes a vector instead of world position there but world position afaik passes info from each pixel. Simply, I dont want texture to move and I need world aligned textures for when the door is closed.

  2. The static door for this mesh uses location based opacity, thus I end up having two faces of the door and the sides cannot be seen. I want to pass a fake thickness (Either solid color or texture, doesnt really matter) so that it looks like an actual 3d mesh.

Thanks in advance.

  1. This might help: Texturing | Unreal Engine Documentation

Not really sure how to solve your second problem. Why not just use a 6-sided mesh?

  1. LocalAlignedTexture would also create the same problem as the local transform of the object changes itself. Even if it did not, on the initial use of it, the texture would change thus worldaligned becomes useless.

For the second one, when I use 6 sided mesh, due to masked opacity on the edges, it simply turns into a 2 sided mesh in visuals.