Freezing issue in UE4

I posted this in the answers section, but I’m not getting anything from there…

I’m having some serious issues with my whole computer freezing in UE4, not only when I’m working in the editor, but also when I’m playing games made with UE4 such as Squad and Ark.

When in the editor, the freezes seem to happen when shaders get involved, eg:when compiling shaders. I am currently working on a project that was working fine until I added in a model/material and now it is consistently crashing.

When playing games, they run well for the most part, but I tend to get freezes randomly after a certain period of time.

I have attached my dxdiag with my answers post: Freezing issues when using UE4.10 - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Has anybody experienced anything similar to this? Any ideas how to fix it?


Nothing? :frowning:

Are the freezes temporary or permanent? Any display driver crashes? Do you get similar crashes in non-UE4 games? Have you always had these crashes are did they start recently? Do previous versions of the engine work?

I would do some stress tests such as Prime95 and Unigine, and a RAM check. Reinstall the engine as well.

Freezes are permanent and require me to restart. No display driver crashes. It only happens in UE4.

I had some freezes in the past when moving projects from 4.8/4.9 to 4.10 (it froze when compiling shaders). It seemed to work fine in 4.10 until I started adding materials into the scene.

I’m going to try some different things based on what Matt Williams has said in my Unreal Answers post.