Free view camera on the FPS template

I am adding the community ocean plugin onto the first person template so that I have a “first person” setup already done. So basically I have the community ocean plugin, except now it has a player starts which spawns the firstpersoncharacter BP at player start.

What im trying to do is when a key event happens say F2 or V or something it switches from the first person view [and disables input so the player isnt walking around aimlessly but I think I have that figured out] to either an empty actor blueprint with a camera component attached or a camera turned into a blueprint or a pawn blueprint with a camera component.

Ive tried all three with the “set view target with blend” and tried setting my second camera to player 1 instead of teh stock player 0.

If I try “Create player id = 1” it just turns the screen black. If I use the set view target with blend the only success I get is being able to switch to a camera turned into a BP and then it switches to that view, but then I cant use my regular way of looking around to move the camera around.

TLDR: How do I make a freeview camera that I can switch to at anytime from the FPS template that canlook around and move ‘no-clip style’

ReallyTLDR: How do I add a no-clip camera to the FPS template and switch between them.

Moved from Unity a few months ago and still learning the Unreal API.

OH BTW I’m trying to do this from the level BP so that I can re-add it to any level easily.

Thank you kinidly.

Heres a picture of my level BP showing some of the things ive tried.

EDIT: I should add if I use on V pressed (set view target with blend {target = get player controller(0)} {new view target=freecam (just a camera added into the scene turned into a BP)} allows me to switch to that camera, but I cant use my regular ways to rotate the camera via make rot with mouse x/y for pitch and yaw, let alone move around with wasd wherever the camera is pointing.

Doing it aher way just makes my view “drop” and removes the SM for the arms

Havnt played with this anymore but if anyone has any suggestions let me know, so little documentation on the API so far unfortunatly.