Free Video recorders...???

Not for UE4, but for making tutorials about Microsoft-Excel etc

[FONT=Arial Black]…CamStudio / ShadowPlay / FRAPS / OBS / Bandicam / Camtasia…

Those get thrown about in other threads: But what’s not clear is:

Which are…

**1. **Totally free?

**2. **Stable on Win-7?

**3. **Working fine on lower end hardware?

**4. **Limited / Crippled (gotchas like 15-seconds max recording-time)?

**5. **Easy to use / have simple UI / short-learning-curve?

**6. **Shipped with decent compression to trim file sizes for YT upload?

**7. **Low Maintenance and don’t require lots of tweaking / driver / version updates?

[FONT=Century Gothic]This is for my little lady to teach under-privileged kids (no budget for software).
Her laptop is a low end HP w/ UDK / Unity class graphics, 3 GB Ram & tiny HD.

You should use OBS:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Don’t know
  4. No
  5. Yes
  6. Use handbrake.
  7. Yes

Thanks @SchnitzelDude

Are you using Standard or Studio?

I’m still using Classic, but I will test Studio as soon as I have time.

Good to know, thanks again!

But you should definitely go for Studio. It’s still free and newer, maybe they solved some bugs. If you record for a long time with classic, I had the experience that it starts to lag.

Ok, understood! Cheers!