Free Tool for creating numerous blend textures between any two given textures!

Update - Sorry if anyone installed the previous release as it didn’t read many image formats. Now I have rectified that.
Please note -
1>Two images with different size will not work
2>Two images with different file format might not work.

Hi Guys ,

Not sure if this will be useful for you all , but I have just created a .net tool that will create n number of blends between any two textures. It was of huge use for me since I am working on blending between two post process effects through colour grading. This is similar to lerp node in UE4 materials , except you get to save n number of blend textures in your harddisc.

This is just first release and may contain bugs. Feedback for improvements is deeply appreciated.


Very simple to use. Just enter filepath for two images. Create a prefix name that you want your blend textures to have. Create number of iterations(takes about a minute to create 1000 textures, if texture size is as high as 1920x1080. So trying to create around a million textures at a time may be time consuming :D. Out of hard disc space in that scenario may cause the tool to crash) , and click execute. When it is finished , it will show you a pop up stating the location of the output textures.

Here is the link -
**Note : For iteration set to less than or equal to one , it will take you to new window where you can create a single blend texture based on a given alpha value

See the blend results below - I have noticed that a iteration value of approx 50 will prevent human eyes from noticing difference between two adjacent blend textures



14 BLEND TEXTURES (noticeable by human eye, 50 is the magic number I guess)


You should mention this project here.

So that if it is good ULLS will put it on that page! I hopefully will give it a try later! Also none of the Attachments work.

Haha! I’ve been really lazy at updating that list…I’ll try to find some time to get it back up to scratch. Please do go ahead and add it though :slight_smile:

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Ok I will move the thread there . Meanwhile , please see the original post for the images

It’s okay. As long as you do it once and a while. We all are lazy! You saying that reminded me I was making a Text Adventure! Stupid Mount and blade mods! You take away my precious time! :slight_smile:

Also does this work in XP? I only have xp and Ubuntu. :frowning:

Not sure about ubuntu but it should work in Xp. Please let me know for errors.

Okay thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay. It will not work on XP. It requires .Net 4.5.1, I went and tried it on my cousins Vista laptop and it works just how I want it to! :slight_smile: But an Ubuntu version or one that has XP support would be nice. (Yeah, I know. XP is old. But 7,8.1 are friggin expensive for me!)

Mount and blade is one of my all time favorites and by mentioning it you have just held back my game development by 6 months…I’m going to take on King Yaroglek of the Kingdom of Vaegirs :stuck_out_tongue: