[FREE] Testigo_Witness

I made this “tool” a while ago to help me out with my ArchViz projects, and it make my life easier…

With this you can place any number of witnesses and they will add to a list where is possible to jump or teleport to any view you place with it.

It also has :

-Main Menu, add a logo, instrucctions, music.

-Pause Menu, add a logo, instrucctions, music.

-User Interface UI , here you can add a logo, select to pause, take a snapshot and choose a view to teleport to.

Is very easy to use, just drag and drop some blueprints to the scene, and hit play.

Here is the tutorial:

This is not by any means a complete solution or high quality ArchViz presentation. This is only for a fast prototype, or revision with the client.

Im very sure there are better solutions, but this is what i did with my very limited knowledge of unreal, so dont be to hard on me.

I was able to made this “tool” because of the great comunity of Unreal, i found very usefull tutorials that help me out to create this “tool”…

So i want to give something back thats why im giving this for free.

If you want just say thank you and download from gumroad

And Im sorry if “Tool” isnt correct but doesnt know how to call it and for my bad english.