Free Servers available for testing

Hello all.

I am new to the forums here and to be honest I am not a developer. I am a hardware and infrastructure guy myself, and I find myself with some server horsepower laying around that I am willing to let people use for their development.

I have the following resources available to be split up 150 mb/s fiber internet, 6 cpus totaling 64 cores, 128 gb of ram, 4gb/s firbe connection to storage server with 5 TB of HHD raid storage, 400 GB of pci flash storage, and a vm running a gtx 760 graphics card.

If you want to use a vm for testing I will set it up and provide the connection details.

Please email me at and include:

The details game your developing
Screen shots or sketches (if available)
Amount of resources you require from the above stated resource pool
Operating system required

Again this is all free I just want to use this extra gear to help out those with a ****** laptop and 2 gb of ram.