I’ve written a plugin that’s aimed at content creators, C++ and blueprint users who are making a game with any RPG like elements. It helps keep a structure to your project. Note that for the most part this gives you interfaces/code contracts to adhere to. It has basic functionality for item stacking and containers (ie. a chest or your interface). So far it’s got Item related functionality, i’m hesitant to add skills because their mechanics differ between games so much:


  • Skills (name, description, icon, required points, parent skills required)
  • Player abstraction (require a player name and their guild)
  • Stats (access to a float or int by name)
  • Quests (name, description, icon, quest giver, status, steps) (step: name, description, pre-requisites (other steps), status, targetActor, targetLocation)
  • Recipes (the ability to create one or more items, what’s the required input items, what the output item/s is).

There’s a full explanation of everything on the github site.

Is this useful for anything beyond my game? Should I add anything else? Let me know!

If you’re a content creator, you can make use of this functionality so your users can easily swap in and out implementations.

Hey Duke22,

Why not make a generic skill component that can be reused to make custom skills?

Either way looks solid so far. Good job.