Free RingMenu - No widget focus/hit data-driven input!


This is a fully functional RingMenu with automatic sizing + placement of buttons, and unlike most does not rely on cursor hit or widget focus. These input methods can cause issues with UX for some gametypes such as the one I am developing, thus the reason for my creating this.

Control is done by dragging the mouse while holding the menu button (which in this project is MiddleMouse, and Q key). This can be done from anywhere in the viewport, the direction of drag is what is used to feed the angle of menu select.

I am distributing my included blueprints under the CC Attribution 4.0 International license. (which means you CAN use them commercially, royalty free, and derive freely - but must attribute) The included example icons are separately licensed by Flaticon and are attributed below.

This requires the free Low-Entry plugin to run. It could be modified to not need LE, but that is how it’s currently written :wink:

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Icons used attribution:

Bullet Icon made by [] from
Sniper Icon made by [] from
Bomb Icon made by [] from

**updated, removed plugin dependancies other than LE Standard

Oh man, I remember spending ages trying to figure out how to do something like this. Thanks a ton!

More than welcome, hope it comes in handy! Aye it wasnt entirely straightforward, took a bit of lateral thinking to get it to work as I wanted.