[FREE PROJECT] Role and Equipment Selection System

Hi friends!
I’ve made this project to help an user forum: http://goo.gl/QxPj4V

At the moment you can select the Class 1 only because it’s a prototype, but it’s easy to add more classes.


Selection Menu start when launch the game. During the game press the 1 Key.


I hope you like it.

Cool Thanks!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: for this tips

i cant seem to download the file

What Web Browser are you using?
Try with Chrome or Explorer and/or click the direct link: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B6fvbJZ7bK-EU04yRi1uaGVXMUU

If you can’t download it, I’ll give you an alternative link.

Let me know :slight_smile:

thanks I had to download it in chrome

Very cool and very useful! -Thanks for sharing with the community.

Sorry to revive this but is the download link still working?