[FREE] Modular Building - for quick modular construction

Hello! :slight_smile:
I want to show you my free plugin for Modular Building! Have a nice day!

Content Example: [HR][/HR]

Old version:

  • Work with static mesh, blueprint and destruction mesh.
  • Converting Static Mesh to Instance Static Mesh for optimization.

Video Tutorial: [HR][/HR]

Not interested in modular buildings ? Don’t like the grid? [HR][/HR]

Use my new plugin for quick and easy construction !Link to posts [HR][/HR]
If you can support me that would be fantastic and very important to me.
*My bitcoin wallet: *1NWpSPfncnbgPXi2x7urdPxJZTfXdid2N3 , or you can do it on Gumroad! Thank you!
**Free on ** Gumroad (UE16 - 19)

**Impotent! **
1. Don’t forget to include it. 97f4abf5dc3536c9e4b1786d5fc5795579310225.png

  1. Modular buildings work well only with direct lighting. If you have some problems with this, use this post: post [HR][/HR]