Free memory of assets only used in the construction script

In a blueprint I have created an array of TextureCube holding aprox. 200 items. In design time the user selects one of those cube maps only, which then is used in the material of a static mesh (in the construction script of the blueprint).

When I run the game I get the warning that I’ve exceeded the Streaming Texture Pool limit, because, I suppose, all of the 200 cube maps are getting loaded.

I’ve tried placing a Clear node in the Event Begin Play of the blueprint’s event graph, to unload the unused cube maps from memory, but it didn’t work. I still get the warning.

I’ve also tried setting the array under **Local Variables **(UserConstructionScript)… That didn’t help either…

Funny enough, the ListTexture console command does not report those cube maps. Stat Streaming reports the memory used by the cubemaps under Non Streaming Textures.