[FREE FOR FRIENDS] NHS Shoutout Neon signs DL at: (read comment)
Hey Guys,

I made some Neon Light 3D assets to give away (link above). Just a little shoutout for the NHS for your in your upcoming game or Archviz scene.
Im also broadcasting my 3D modelling on Twitch while in isolation so doing it for the “wazaaps” and creating assets for the UE4 Marketplace.

Just come by twitch if you like the assets add me and say hi or thanks on Twitch.

So please download them and share as much as you want. I made a video on how i made them linked below

Also if you have any neon sign ideas let me know.

I think were all doing our best to survive isolation and not going mad especially as some of us lost jobs and trying to make the best of it.

Its a great time to work on that game or project you’ve been meaning to do!!

I uploaded the file to gumroad (link on my twitch page)

Little demo below and how i made them.

The Making of video: