FREE Character Creator!

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Because its free, we’re releasing this early. Its still in development but you guys can check it out early. Get it here:

@StuntThumper88 I like what you’re doing with World of Pursuits. Keep up the great work.

Because its free, we’re releasing this early. Its still in development but you guys can check it out early. Get it here:


28 Ads + Trackers!!! …FFS… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to get to a landing page that says you have to join a support channel in order to get the download link.
This isn’t very transparent dude. Maybe genuine, maybe not. But I’m going to go ahead and give it a pass!

Welp first I’m sorry you don’t understand what an internet ad is, because its just links to our company website (which doesn’t have ads). Second, I’m sorry it wasn’t clear enough that I’m trying to get ppl to join the companies discord server by trading a free character creator. Its supposed to be transparent, you seemed to have been puzzled by this trade. And third, I’m sorry I failed to present this free tool, that cost the company time and money, in a more free fashion. Looking back it was cruel to ask for any recognition and not give you a direct download link. You deserve better than this. I think you are entitled to this logic through an easier path than joining a discord server. I have failed you.


Right now dude there’s 30+ Trackers and attempts at device recognition from WIX, along with all the Trackers / Ads from the usual suspects below. With no consent, your site is in breach of GDPR and CCPA very soon… That’s just the reality, whether you’re aware of it or not. As regards the offer. There is a wealth of free assets and projects already in the Community Tools section. A lot of it is on a par with what you’re offering. Why not just be transparent and promote your game / discord server and link to the download there? That’s all I’m saying. Why is that so unthinkable?……](<metadata>)metadata…](<metadata>)…bundle.min.js…](<metadata>)metdata…

Plus 20+ something wix trackers:

Device recognition attempt from:

There’s not a current free character creator template in the “wealth” of free assets. If there was, my company wouldn’t have made this character creator. If you’re so aware of the law you’d realize Wix doesn’t break those laws (…egulation-gdpr), The site tries to read your device in order to display the correct resolutions. Do you know how the internet works? I guess stop using 90% the internet if you’re scared of analytic tools. God forbid someone found out you went to a video game website lol. Make sure you dont use your phone, Google, Chrome, Youtube, Firefox, Edge, or Facebook because they have analytic tools and trackers as well (Note you linked them). Literally this Epic forum has trackers lol. Clearly this isn’t for you. You’re clearly too insecure to support a fellow dev studio. I guess haters gotta hate, but those that have joined the discord server are enjoying my free gift. I hope you find happiness in your world of hate. Probably not tho, I’m fully expecting some more irrational, entitled, know-it-all comments from you haha. I reported your post because you borderline publicly accusing my company of breaking the law. Which is actually against the law and grounds for a lawsuit

Your site has a host of similar widgets and trackers, that’s just reality.
Why does it matter??? Because of this kind of insidious data abuse:

Hey, I’m just a messenger dude not a hater. Good luck to you man! :slight_smile:

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