Framerate drops after stat commands

Strange Issue i’m trying to figure out…
*4.1.0 (stock), Windows 7 64bit, geforce 690GTX (337.50 drivers)

I’ve tried a few other commands, but 100% of the time any of the “stat” commands cause the framerate to tank, or seems like change the refresh rate.

Settings: Before Stat command -> After Stat command

Low: 120fps -> 120fps
Med: 120fps -> 120fps
High: 120fps -> 85fps
Epic: 120fps -> 60fps

So I get a solid 120fps until I use a stat command (ex, stat fps).
Only thing in the log that seems relevant after command, “[654]LogRenderer:Warning: Reallocating scene render targets to support 1136x912”

*Changing Project Settings->General Settings->Frame Rate, has no effect on this issue.

anyone else seeing this problem?