FPS_Character in Realistic Rendering Example

How do I take the FPS_Character from Realistic Rendering Example, put it in my game, and control it? The Player_Start “character” doesn’t stay on the ground.

Right click on the FPS_Character and choose Migrate…. Unreal will then show you all the files related to that Blueprint and lets you choose the location on where to save. Make sure you choose the Contents folder in your project.

I right-clicked on FPS_Character, chose Migrate, and saved it in my game’s contents folder but I still have control of Player_Start “character” and not FPS_Character. How do I get control of FPS_Character and not Player_Start “character”? Do I have to change anything in the Project Settings?

You have to make the GameMode use the FPS_Character as DefaultPawn. You can do that in the Project Settings.

I made the FPS_Character as DefaultPawn in GameMode but the camera isn’t on the FPS_Character. The camera view is too far away from the game world. How can I fix this?

I haven’t checked it, but you probably also need to use the provided PlayerController to fix the camera.

I went through part of the “FPS C++ Tutorial” in a new project (up to the Mouse Camera Control) and did the same thing in my game. I modified the input bindings for gamepad. How do I make the “character” run instead of walk?