FPS Slowly Dropping

Hi all, im making a survival game using blueprints only, i have made most of the player related things in blueprint such as health, hunger, thirst and inventory and have widgets to display them, the problem im having at the moment is as i play every minute or so its running the fps drop by like 1 fps… might not sound bad but after 20 mins i go from 75fps to 55 fps… and it keeps getting worse and after an hour of playing its down to around 5 fps, anyone have any idea on what is causing these slow downs? i thought it might be that i was using Event ticks so i removed them and replaced them with TimeLines and its improved but still decreasing every minute. Im am currently now stuck because i dont want to make any more progress just to find out that theres no way around this problem, any help would be much appreciated.

I have been messing around and it seems as tho it is a sequance im using that handles the player stats, disabling it seems to improve it a bit, any ideas anyone?

No one know any reason why its happening? or a fix?

It could be for a million reasons that are not even related to your visual scripting. For example it might be hardware related. Maybe your PC is becoming hotter and hotter as time passes by resulting in throttling and thus the reduced framerate.
Unless it is garbage collection that slows down the game my advice is to first check out the hardware.


Its not a hardware issue, i have a decent PC and when i disconnect the sequence in the blueprint it runs totally fine… im kinda stuck at the moment

Just did some more testing and increased the delay and it also increased the time it took for the framerate to drop, problem is i need it at what it is for the stats to decrease over time plus the problem is still there with the framerate drop it just takes longer to do so.

anyone? my game has came to a halt

bumping because i need help

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Hi AlhpaWolfDale. Reading through your post there isn’t enough information to gauge what could be causing the problem. It’s good you isolated it to the sequence node but you have some macros and a function that are being called every 2 seconds. We’ll need to know what’s happening in these to be able to assist.

here are some screen shots, the first 3 are the macros and the last is the function, any help would be appreciated

The issue is inside your HUD Update function. Every 2 seconds your creating a new widget and adding it to the viewport. Over time you’ll have thousands of them. You want to move the spawning of the widget out of the function and call it on the begin play. That should solve the issue your having with your FPS dropping over time.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so so much! that has sovled the problem, you are a Godsend!

Thank you pattym!!! This solved my problem too.