fps project

ive been wondering which direction to go with my FPS project , Use the FPS Template or Using the FPS C++ format. Has anyone had any experience with ether .

Depends on what you want to do and what previous programming experience you have. You could start with the FPS Blueprints template and if you need or want, you can always start using C++. If you’re familiar with C++, I recommend using that template, code your core game mechanics in C++ and design your levels and simpler mechanics in Blueprints.

Or you could also use the shooter demo, there you already have many stuff included -> but you need a little bit of c++ experience

Hey socar86,

Glad to hear that you wish to build a fps with UE4. There are many resources that have been, or are currently, being created to help you with the development process. We have many tutorials on our wiki page here or you can glance at the Shooter game, as fighter5347 has already stated, to help you down the building process road. YouTube is also a very helpful resource.

Thanks and have a great day!

Thanks for the help i ll look into all of these