Fps footsteps

Is there a specific way to do foot steps for a fps? Because there are only arms and no walking animations I can’t assign a notify to a the characters feet hitting the ground. All of the tutorials seem to point to third person footsteps sounds. I have gotten foot steps to start via blue prints and a random nose in the sound cue but I can’t get them to stop playing after I stop walking; they just continue to play and build on each other. And ideas or blueprint designs or ways that this is actually supposed to be done would be awesome. Thank you in advance!

Check out this stream starting around 24min. Audio & Blueprints | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

It should give you some ideas.

you can create ‘event tick’ and add ‘delay’ of footsteps time and then use get velocity to get if player is moving and if he is then play sound.
but i wouldn’t recommend it …
EDIT: Wops i didn’t see the date hehe