FPS drops too much with a simple Loop and more getting Spline transform at distance function.

Hi I made a simple chain animator, everything is working, but I have a FPS problem:
My scene in the editor is at 190fps aprox.

When I Run the project my FPS goes to 65fps !!..

I tested the same but disconnecting everything inside my “Update Links position” function and the FPS is almost 190 again.

Then I only disconnected my “Transform Link” function, leaving the FOR-LOOP without anything to do, and the fps are 110 !!!

And also, if you see muy “Transform Link” function is the simplest I can do (that has another problem because of the splines tension and the get transform at distance function)

Please, can anyone tell me if that´s normal, and how can I make it faster? I know 2,200 links are a lot, but I looks too much overhead for that (each link is an instance, so there is no problem in the polygon number or draw calls, is just a matter of the loop in the function and the spline transform)

Thank you !!.