FPS Character slows down/stops if I look up or down.

Hi, I feel pretty stupid starting my presence on this forum with this question as it’s probably super simple for you guys D:

I followed this guide (“Unreal Engine 4 - Making an FPS actor from scratch”)]( to better understand the FirstPersonShooter example project.

Everything works except I seem to lock my “WASD” movement to an axis.
What I mean by this is that if I look down into the floor, my character will “move forward” into the floor and therefor stop / gradually slow down the closer I am to looking straight down.

Same goes if I look straight up! My character stops.

If anyone has an idea of what I’ve missed, I’d love to know!


Hi, yes its simple, you are using wrong variable for movement, post your bp and ill check it out… but you need only to use correct variable, try “get forward vector” and multiple that value to add movement input or something like that…

Thanks man, I didn’t know if this post was posted or not yesterday… guess I should’ve read the forum rules :slight_smile: Hopefully my posts will show up straight away from now on.

You were absolutely correct and I caught the error before I could even see my own post here yesterday haha. Cheers for the help though!