FPS Blueprint tutorial

I want to use blueprint to make my game because im not that good at C++, is there any good tutorials? I seen they have a TPS up on there youtube site I would want something like that.

Epic has an entire tutorial video series on Blueprints on Youtube. Did you check that out already?

And what’s TPS?

TPS normally means thirs person shooter :wink:

Yep checked them out i was really just wondering if they had any like they have for the Third person shooter

I don’t know of a TPS tutorial. But you could start by trying to combine the FPS and Top-Down templates. The FPS one will show you how to position the camera behind the player. The Top-Down will show you how to use a player model and move it around.

You won’t find a tutorial for everything, unfortunately. At one point you’ll have to start experimenting yourself. If you feel that’s too early for you at the moment, I suggest to postpone your TPS project and start with something simpler. Take one of the templates and modify them in some way. Or create a very very simple game from scratch. Then, when you got a feeling the engine and how things work, you can give it another try.