FPS Beginner Initiative: Organizing Tutorials

The steps to getting started, and any proceeding steps, are too scattered;
it’s difficult to locate, concretely, what to do first and so on for anyone new to this creator’s world
– specifically, for anyone wanting to make a First Person Shooter.

I believe it to be best if an outlet for creation is streamlined and easier to access.
And I wish, if this thread is successful, that other threads like this one be made for other genres.

Below, I would like to list a tree of steps (videos, other threads, etc)
so that the transition from beginner to intermediate can become a little less confusing.
To “get the ball rolling” is the main goal.

In order to do this, I need your help in gathering a collection of information.
It would be most welcome if anyone (who remembers what they read or viewed to first get started) could post their starter material, here.

I Will Update This Thread With Your Material

First Steps
1. Create a short but detailed outline of how you want your controller buttons/keys to work in a separate document

2a. FPS Type 1: First Person Only with Standard ADS Features

**2b. FPS Type 2: First Person and Third Person View Enabled **
>> C++
>>>> "Unreal Engine 4 C++ Tutorial: True FPS with “zoom-able” third person"
>> Blueprint