FPS animation stopping in a certain distance

Hi boys and girls,
I’m working on a first person shooting game. My caracter is a cat. I started from scratch to create it. It’s a blueprint with a mesh, a skeleton ans some animations for the skeleton. There is one for idle, one for jump ans one for walking. On the head bone of the cat I have attached my camera.
That means that when my cat is walking, my camera moves a little bit up and down because it is following the walking animation of the cat.
Everything is very fine so far.

But, after the cat has walked a certain distance, the animation stops and the camera stops moving up and down (so we lose the realism of walking).
I have to precise that it’s not due to the time the cat walks but really to the linear distance he has walked since his start.
That means that when it stops animating, if I then go back the animation starts again…
I tried to move the player start to see if it changes something, but it doesn’t.

When the cat goes far from his house, the animation stops.

I hope one of you has met the same kind of problem and found a solution…

Thanks for your attention and take care !!