FPlatformStackWalk cannot compile with UnrealEd module

Hi, I’m adding detection of EndPie and once I add the UnrealEd module, I get a compile error with C2653: ‘FPlatformStackWalk’: is not a class or namespace name. I can compile my plugin fine without adding UnrealEd

// this is new code I'm adding, it has unresolved error so I added UnrealEd to module
FEditorDelegates::EndPIE.AddLambda (&] (bool isSimulating)

// code which used to compile fine elsewhere
#include "GenericPlatform/GenericPlatformStackWalk.h"
FPlatformStackWalk::StackWalkAndDump (stackTrace, StackTraceSize, 0); // C2653: 'FPlatformStackWalk': is not a class or namespace name