FP Creating a bubble

Hi All,

I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice on how i could go about creating a first person view where when you click it starts growing a balloon. It will keep getting bigger and bigger until you release the mouse cursor and then it will float off.

Just wondering if anyone has done this or has any idea where to start and whether it would be easier in C++ or blueprints.



I would create a blueprint that takes mouse input(With associated mesh Etc. )
Then I would have the mesh scale up at N units per second until the mouse is released.
Then I would disable the actor gravity and apply a impulse along the Z axis.

And it is faster* to prototype with blueprints then C++

*Unless you can do certain things faster/easier in C++


I think giving it a nice little impulse to push it away from the camera at the end will be perfect. Thanks for the advice, i will post any results when i get them