Founded how fix a bug: Widget Reflector Scale

Hello all, I`m using a 4k monitor and how all with this resolution I need use Widget Reflector Scale to see all enough good to work with UE4. I know that this issue about placing objects in scaled windows was a known issue but I understand how your programmers can fix it. For this I opened this Thread.
To understand what is cause the problem:

  1. Open a clear scene without any walls and floor where static mesh can collide.
  2. Import a normal cube exported from Maya our other software
  3. Set Widget Reflector Scale to 1 and try to place the object on the 4 corners in your viewport and you see that you can place them all static mesh right in the corners
  4. Now start increase by 0.1 the Widget Reflector Scale and you see that if you drag the static mesh in top left corner it try to place it right in the corner (because the coordinate was 0,0), but if you try to place it on the other 3 corners (coordinate 1,0 0,1 and 1,1) it try to go to the top left corner. More you increase the scale more it going to it from other corners. Because the expression that using the scale and cursor pointer was wrong.
    Your programmers need to check the expression used to understand where cursor was in 2d space takes from the viewport window.

Hi razzor.

Can you please follow this guide to make the report on the UE4 Answerhub?

Thank you.

Done I hope Epic programmer fix it in next update. Is really boring this bug xD