Forums extremely unresponsive due to synchronous XMLHttpRequests?

Every time I refresh a forum page my browser becomes unresponsive and I can’t click anything on the site. Anyone else experiencing the same?

Hi jonimake,

I’m not personally experiencing any such issue. Is this a recent development for you?

Yes. It started yesterday or the day before that. It seems that the offending request is initiated by jquery and it’s trying to load message-properties?locale=en-US:
The page is completely unresponsive during the loading of that file.

Edit: profiler image:
The idle time is contributed to me forgetting to stop the profiler in time, but the send function with the really long execution time is what causes the issue I think.

As a workaround I have blocked with my ad blocker. After blocking it the site doesn’t cause my browser to hang.

Thank you for the information. I will share this with our web team for investigation.