Forum tag shows UE4 licensed?

Can you make a title or tag that shows that nick/avatar is UE4 licensed person?

it would cut down on frivolous artists and developers who have not licensed UE4 and seek to provide UE4 services (i.e., trolling).

A way to verify that they’ve paid at some point, or to indicate that they have a current subscription?

Yes, something like that.

It gets pointless when you contact a developer and he says you need to buy UE4 for him (Facepalm) and it makes no sense for them to say they know BluePrint and they are experts as UE4 developer.

UE4 is only US$20 and easily affordable.

I was actually asking which version you were after, out of curiosity. :slight_smile:

Wow. Maybe if you’re using the cutting edge version and their subscription ran out/they’re working on a project in an older version of the engine. Maybe.