Forum Links Missing From Marketplace

I notice that if you go to the Community Drop down in the marketplace there is no longer a link to the forums at all.

Is that intentional? Could we be seeing the signal of forums being removed? If so I think that would be a huge mistake.

First the wiki… Then moving the Answerhub to a submit system that makes it difficult to get any feedback from others… Then the forum gets downgraded to this mess that it has right now… And now maybe the removal of the forums?

I don’t think I’m liking the direction this is moving in.

The link to the forum is under Support,

Epic killed off the Community ages ago anyway tbh. The forums are pretty much a wasteland now (compared to 2014-2016 or the UDK forums before). Essentially there’s no one at executive level with any interest in what’s happening on here. So you just get time-wasting threads like this or this, and posters that just ask the same questions over and over.

Either that or devs who treat the forums like their own personal paid support, expecting others to fix their problems and offer solutions, without helping or giving anything back to anyone else. This has been fuelled by a long slow car-crash that started back in 2017. The lack of interest from Epic is hilarious, there’s almost zero interaction from them anymore.

So to anyone starting out with UE now, I say try another channel or community first. Overall UE tech is great and Sweeney is a legend. But there’s no community here anymore. There’s a handful of devs who help out when they can, and pages and pages of dead threads left unanswered or going nowhere. All the senior guys with badges deserted a while ago. And the bug report form is a total joke. IDK why anyone bothers: Latest example!