[Forum] Better sorting in "Got skill, looking for talent" section

Everyday most of the community is browsing, posting jobs or looking for jobs at the same section, and it has got to the point where its just a clutter mess. What I would suggest of some way of sorting between the two of who is looking for work, and companies that are offering positions. My idea if possible having a separate sections for the two, or add title tags of witch is offering jobs and the other is looking for work with a letter on the . I know that there is [LFW] but people put at the side paid or they simply don’t put it in at all making witch thread is a person that is looking, or a company that is offering. If there are more unique tags then maybe could have a sorting system of having only the for example Job offering paid [JOP] and click on a tab to sort out only and latest title tags beginning [JOP] posts.

List of examples

[LFW] “Looking for work” (Nothing specific available for everything or contract work)
[LFWC] “Looking for work Collaborate”
[LFWS] “Looking for work Shared”
[LFWP] “Looking for work Paid”
[JO] “Job offering” (Nothing specific possibly contract offer)
[JOU] “Job offering Unpaid”
[JOR] “Job offering Royality”
[JOP] “Job offering Paid”

This is my idea to maybe give you guys an idea of what could be a better sorting for mainly the job section.

What would you guys think?

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