Fortnite's Building System in Unreal Engine 4

Hey guys,
here is the teaser to my upcoming tutorial series about recreating the building system from Fortnite in Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Here is episode #01 of the tutorial series:

In episode #02 of the tutorial series, we analyze and start to recreate the stat system of FORTNITE which is responsible for the health and shield values of the player and other interactable objects:

Episode #03 deals with wrapping up and testing the stat system:

In part #04 we set up the resource system driving the wood, stone and metal values of the player:

This time we wrap up the resource system in episode #05:

Today we add player states to execute different functionality based on whether the player is in combat or construction state. Check out episode #06:

Finally, we can work on the core of the building system in episode #07 and set up the building classes, widgets and manager. Also, we update the display of our building widgets based on whether the player is in construction mode or not:

In part #08 we implement spawning the building preview and updating its location on an invisble grid: