Fortnite on AnswerHub

I don’t deal with 50-100 extra emails per day so I can help people play Fortnite. I do it so I can help others develop their projects and get past game-stopping issues.

Now, 1/4 of my inbox is people posting Fortnite crash questions. Please do something about this. We’re a dev community, not your customer support.

No hard feelings. Just trying to express how it’s not fair, it’s serious, and it’s getting annoying. I can see a point in the future where I bail on AnswerHub altogether.

I giggle a bit reading this post, sorry lol

This is because the “EpicGames” toolbar up there is for anyone logged in to Epic acc, the internet mob won’t ever care if AnswerHub is for developers or not…

There is a recent mistake where the CrashReporter for Fortnite is directing users to the Answerhub. This is going to be fixed as soon as possible.

Oh sweet. Glad you had it covered. Thank you.