Fortnite Alpha access for UE4 Subscribers?


I know this is not really that UE4 related, but I believe I at some point read about UE4 Subscribers getting access to the Fortnite Alpha?

If so, where can I check in? :smiley:

Dam, you got me excited! That question mark was off screen.

And yes what i need to do to get my paws on that alpha? :smiley:

Ps. I have suggestion: make alpha access a reward in jam events.

Well ****. I think I got the very first launcher news item wrong:

I read something like:

All Unreal Engine 4 developers are invited to Fortnite Alpha.

This was back a while. Such a shame. Hope I can still get in somehow.

Invited to Sign Up.

So you can sign up, doesnā€™t mean you will be in.

This link just got shared in the livestream, might be worth taking a look :smiley: