Formal Language for describing VFX?

Hey everyone,

So, I currently am self-teaching myself how to create vfx for games and, while things are going quite smoothly, I have run into somewhat of a problem. In my attempt to ‘disassemble’ and then describe vfx I see in other games, I realize that I don’t have a working vocabulary for the majority of things I am trying to describe. Whether it be describing an image that would be made in photoshop of a relatively abstract nature, or describing the movement patterns of particles, I find myself making up terms or even words just to get something close to a description I can visualize at a later date. This, however, is not good for trying to do things quickly. I was wondering if anyone knows of a resource that I can look at for more descriptive words that I can make use of (preferably a whole dictionary worth) or if they themselves have had to create a personalized ‘language’ for vfx they create.

I don’t know of any dictionaries, but the following pages should help you out with the terminology:

And highly recommend watching this series:

There are many more good resources out there, and you can always search google for a particular term used in UE4 to see more info on it (as well as alternate names if they exist). Hope that helps :slight_smile: