ForEachLoop blueprint note (help)

I have no idea whats going wrong, im following this tutorial, (A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums) and i cant seem to figure out what the fix for this is

Since you already know the actor you want to reference(get all actors of class) and you are then getting each one of them(for each loop) you dont need to cast. That’s what those warnings are telling you as well. Just drag from the blue pin of for each loop and then get your variable.

i’ve done this but im still getting the same error message.

is correct in that you do not need the cast node, dragging from array element to the text render should work. Additionally, the other error you are seeing is because your return node is in the wrong location. Plug it into the “completed” pin instead of within your foreachloop. That should remove the note you are seeing.

You are doing everything well. just problem is that you are returning result in for each loops body. so after get all actor of class just return your array or first element.

Sorry for the long waited reply have a 2nd project going at the same time haha, i seemed to have fixed this problem but when i walk up to the npc i can only see the questions and buttons no answers, Thanks for the reply, really helped