Forced hidden redirects? Intentional? What happened to the home page?

So… not sure what’s going on here. But if we click on the following in the header:


We don’t go to documentation… I get redirected to the download page and it auto-starts downloads…now I have 3 of them since I was trying to repro :wink:

But, that’s not all! Hit return to Unreal Engine link at the bottom and it goes to the blog, which I guess is strange, because it clearly states the “home page” but I guess that’s your new home page now. Which…tbh, I personally don’t like. Doesn’t seem as professional looking as it did before. I mean, literally, it’s the blog page.

Anyway, hitting documentation from that page, takes us to the right place.

I’m used to opening links with the middle mouse button which is the same as right click → open in new tab. In this case, it does take you to the documentation page. But yeah, left click, a more natural action, is clearly not working as intended. Yet another kink in the new forum software.

Blog? Cool, never been there before.

@VictorBurgos](User Profile - Unreal Engine Forums) Probably not intentional. A href still pointing to the documentation. It’s the JS that does override.

Definitely not intentional. I will let the correct people know.

Thanks for calling this out.

Aaaand, it’s fixed now. Thanks again.

As for the blog loading by default, I believe that is by design.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

Ah, I assume js = java something :wink: I am no web dev:( I wouldn’t have any idea what I would be doing if I just opened up the page source. I suppose I should at least learn the basics one day. Maybe.

**@VictorBurgos](User Profile - Unreal Engine Forums) **JavaScript, yes. I’ve tried to debug it, but it seems backend (i.e. server side) involved, so not worth the time.