Force Landscape minimum LOD

I am working on a project that uses a heightmap for the landscape creation.
Sadly, there are a lot of “terraces”, probably due to my data not being good enough. I’ve tried to use the smoothing tool to get rid of the terraces which works, but is not a good solution as it needs to be done manually. Blurring the image is also not an option.

I have, however, tried to set the Landscape LODs to a very aggressive setting (switching to a high LOD setting at a very short distance). This works well for what I am trying to accomplish, as it removes a lot of vertices and approximates them instead. The problem is that LOD 0 always gets activated at some distance. Since it is possible to set the max LOD level for landscapes, I was wondering if it was possible for the minimum LOD level, too,.

Any help would be appreciated!

  • Linus

So, if you force LODs it’s usually done throughout the world, the command forces all LODs to the selected value.

r.forcelod 0 to force LOD 0, r.forcelod -1 to return to the automated system.

Your real alternative is to take the heightmap to a proper program like GrassGIS or similar and try to eliminate the terracing. Really, you should get the original, unscaled file, and utilize the program - any program that specifically works height-maps - to scale to the desired size.
This can work more or less well depending on both the map and the program…

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Thank you, however I’d like to still include the higher LODs, just **not **LOD 0. Basically, everything **but **LOD 0 for the landscape.
I will also take a look at heightmap modifying programs.
I am, however, using “fit to data” when creating the landscape, so I don’t understand why unreal is creating “flat” polygons, if it apparently does not have any data to use there.

You could export the landscape, manually remove the LOD, and import it back using a mesh.
youd loose the ability to edit and paint layers, but you’d gain a lot of performance…