Force Feedback not working on Afterglow controllers?

I’m tracking down an issue that’s tied to a particular piece of hardware. I can’t seem to get Unreal’s force feedback Blueprints to affect a wired USB Afterglow Xbox360 controller. All input controls work normally, the force feedback affects other controllers just fine, and the Afterglow’s own rumble motors respond for a few other games I’ve tested, but for whatever reason, UE4 won’t talk to it.

Since these controllers were pretty widely available at Best Buy for several years in the US (and I understand were also quite popular in the UK for a while), I was really hoping to figure this out, but I don’t know if this is something I can fix directly myself, or if this is something Epic would need to look into.

Anyone with any insight?

Third party controllers don’t necessarily work in the same way as a standard Xbox 360 controller so that’s probably why