Force feedback for SteamVR controllers

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to Unreal, so sorry if this is a basic question…

I’ve managed to get my Vive and controllers in Unreal, everything is looking good. I want to add force feedback to the controllers now.

I made a few nodes inside the VR_Pawn blueprint for this. As a test, keyboard press “1” connects to Cloent Play Force Feedback, effect is linked to a rumble effect I created. Target is linked to Get Player Controller.

This WORKS… kinda. Only the left controller vibrates. I ran a print string from the get player controller node and it says: [VR_Pawn_C_15] VR_PlayerController2

Any ideas how I can choose which controller vibrates?


Have you configured individual feedback effects for each controller? Check out the pic to see how to do it in case you haven’t yet… hope this helps and good luck with your prj!

Yes, this was the case… :slight_smile: Thanks!

How do you set it up when you can pick up an object (gun) with either hand and whichever hand is squeezing the trigger vibrates. I set it up similar to this but it doesn’t account for which hand is holding the item, so either both hands vibrate or just the one assigned (even if there I nothing in hand). Any help is appreciated.