for up to 50 MB apk

hi friends ,

my own game size 250 MB.I want upload to Google play store but Google play store don’t upload up to 50 MB apk files.

the android sdk have a jobb tool for upload very large apk files.but,

how i can use jobb tool or how must i upload my 250 MB UT4 game to upload to Google playstore ?



Use the OBB file expansion

Hi Serhatuzuner,

You need to **untick **use “OBB in APK” in Settings -> Packaging . Then after you upload the 15-19meg APK you can attach an expansion file to the APK (that’s the bigger OBB file that the UE4 export creates with the smaller APK).

Sometimes you won’t see this on the very first apk upload - in that case I saw it the second time I uploaded my APK

hi dear aussieburger :slight_smile:

i made my apk file total 15 MB after i did upload to my Google developer console page with alpha ,now

obb file is extension file for attach to apk file ?

what must i do my game obb file ? and

how can i attach an expension file in the developer console ?


Correct - to attach it you get the option after you upload the apk to alpha. Sometimes it doesn’t appear first time - if not just upload the apk again. It looks a bit like this:

thankyou verymuch aussieburger :slight_smile:

i upload my apk with obb extansion files to developer concole !