For In-App Purchases - How would I get the user's purchases in case of a new device?

I’m not sure if this is so simple to where it’s not a huge deal, if I’m missing something, or if it’s not really important, but here’s my question:

If a user changes to a new device and they redownload my free app with IAPs, how would I get a list of the purchases they have already made so that they are not forced to re-purchase items that they have already purchased before?

As far as I am seeing, there are only 3 built in Blueprint nodes for IAPs, and none seem to be about simply getting a bool value as to whether or not XYZ IAP has been purchased already.

Or is this already handled by Google so that when I fire off the Make an In-App Purchase, I’m simply sent back the transaction ID of the purchase they previously made on the other device?

This is kinda basic information for a new developer and I’ve not seen it covered. Any help would be appreciated!

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