Footprints Spawn Location and Rotation?!

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to integrate a footprints system on my character .
The problem is on the decal spawn location/rotation .

This is what I managed to do .


What is wrong ?

thanks for the help!

You’ve got to tell us what isn’t or is happening that shouldn’t be. What’s wrong with the location/rotation?

Yeah a bit hard to tell where the problem is without knowing what the actual problem is. Just from a glace at that I would say the issue is probably coming from your trace if its appearing in odd places.

the problem is that the impact point does not coincide perfectly with the foot of the character and also does not track his rotation, posting a video asap for reference.

Yep figured that part, but without knowing where they are actually appearing etc is the problem

Here it is!
sorry if i didn’t post it earlier

Any ideas?

thanks for the help anyway!

You are rotating the Decal but you aren’t rotating the offset on your Line Traces end location. You have a -50 unit offset on X that when your character turns the line trace is still going -50 X instead of rotating to your new actor rotation.

The Draw Debug feature would show you this offset happening. You need to account for the fact that your character is in World Space and rotate accordingly

first, i would really thanking you for making me understood the origin of the problem, but now how do i rotate the offset on line trace end location?

Take a look at the FPS Template where they use the Gun Offset Variable. In that example they use the control rotation, in yours you will use the Actor Rotation.

Get Actor Rotation ---- Rotate Vector. Type the Offset into the vector portion. Then take the Rotate Vector Result + Get Actor Location and feed that result into your End Location.

Turn on Debug on your line trace and it should always end 50 units behind your character no matter the rotation, hopefully