Follow pawn way with spline

When my pawn is moving, I want to make some way marker to appear behind him, that draw the road he travelled. Is this possible to make it with spline?
I wanted to do this with marker class with spline, and when my character moves, every tick he adds world point to spline of this marker. But it doesn’t do anything, nothing happens.
Is there any way to do this?
I saw some spline tutorials, but they were all about splines placing in level. I don’t want place it in level, I want make its shape on the fly.

I think its doable. With a spline component, you can add points into it during gameplay. However a spline by default have no visual presence in the game world. It is only visible in Editor. If you would like it show it in game, I think spline mesh is a better option.
Another dirty solution would be to uncheck ‘Hide in Game’ for the spline component. I am not sure how good it will look though.

Totally doable, I would check out the blueprint spline content example for how to build the spline on the fly and some road spline mesh tutorials for making the road behind the character.

Ok, my problem was I set spline’s mesh in construction script, when I do this after setting all points it works great.